Is it too early to book a place for my baby?

It is never too early to enquire and book a place at Steps to School Day Nursery. Organising your future childcare will bring peace of mind to your personal circumstances.

What are the staff/child ratios in the nursery?

The ratio depends on the age of the child.  Our ratios are governed by Ofsted, our inspecting body, who set standard ratios for all day nurseries to adhere to.   For children aged 3 months to 2 years 1:3 For children aged 2 years to 3 years is 1:4 and 3 years to 11 years is […]

What is the minimum amount of sessions I can book for my child?

Within the Nursery the minimum amount of sessions you are able to book is one full day. Within the Pre-School the minimum amount of sessions you are able to book is one half day. (Fees can be provided on further enquiries. Our fees are revised every April.)

Are there any days when the nursery is closed?

The Nursery is open Mon – Fri, 50 weeks of the year. We are only closed on Bank Holidays and in between Christmas and new Year. The Pre-School is open Mon – Fri, term time only. We are also closed on Bank Holidays. Please note that in the unlikely event of extreme weather or circumstances […]

Are the children taken out of the nursery for outings?

Children will not be taken off the school premises unless there is a medical emergency. We arrange for outside agencies to come in to our setting in order that the children receive wide and varied experiences within a setting in which they feel comfortable.

What do the children eat when they are in nursery?

The Nursery runs a menu system that is alternated every week on a four weekly cycle. They are designed to be well balanced and nutritious whilst still providing the foods they enjoy. Our kitchen is run by an experienced and qualified Chef, under the guidance of our Nursery Manager. We have food deliveries twice a […]

Where will my child rest?

Within the Baby Unit we have a separate room that contain three cots. A child over the age of one will be introduced to a sleep time mat on the floor in the main room. Children will be provided with their blanket and comforter which has been provided from home. All cot mattresses and mats […]

How do you encourage good behaviour?

Staff encourage good behaviour at all times during your child’s sessions. We have a Behaviour Policy in place that states various procedures for staff to follow when dealing with any negative behaviour. Parents are regularly updated of how their child has been upon collection.

Are you a Partner Provider in partnership with the Local Authority which will enable my child to access funded Early Education after their 3rd birthday?

Yes. Government funding for three year olds is available to you at the beginning of the first full term after your child’s 3rd birthday. Funding for two year olds is also available, however certain terms and conditions apply. For further information on and how to apply for ‘Free for Two’ funding please see our local […]

Can I look around the building to see the rooms and outside play space?

Yes. We welcome you to organise an appointment with a member of our management team to view our setting. Please see our contact details. To adhere to our strict child safety policies we can ONLY accept visitors who have previously made an appointment.

How will you ensure I am kept informed how my child is getting on?

Here at Steps to School we pride ourselves on our strong partnership with parents. Staff understand that parents are their children’s primary educators. As a result we involve parents at all times through; termly newsletters, ‘Tapestry’ observations and assessments, parents meetings, letters, providing up to date information on our notice boards and daily contact diaries. […]